Welcome Home, Roo

Anyone who follows my Snapchat knows we recently welcomed a new addition to our little apartment (no babies here). Standing at less than two pounds on the cutest furry feet, he’s already running the place.  

Welcome Roo, a Holland Lop bunny from a sweet breeder in North Carolina. Ever since we moved, I've joked about getting a bunny because I work from home and "needed a friend". Never did I think it would actually happen.

The story is quite funny: I was finishing up work when Austin snapped me a picture of himself in the car. When he texted me a bit later saying he was still at work, I pulled the "Oh, you areeeee?? Because no you're not." He kept avoiding my shade and when he finally "got home from work" he said he had something to show me. Obviously I was playing stubborn and wouldn’t look up from my computer.

I guess he knew I wasn't going to cave so he walked over to me slowly - I looked up to see him standing above me, holding THE furriest, cutest bunny! Naturally, I started to cry. Ugly crying. I was frozen, staring up at the both of them. Still crying. I could not believe it; this was the most surprised I've been in a very long time.

And just like that, our apartment went from two to three. Roo has been the most adorable pet. (FYI, bunnies are very easy pets; they can be litter box trained, don't make loud noises, and require little maintenance). To be honest, I wish Roo would be a little bit higher maintenance, or at least let me snuggle him more! We're working on it. :)

My phone is now filled with an obnoxiousssss collection of bunny pics.  Here are some of my favs: