Roamin' Around Rome

The last two nights in Italy, Austin and I ventured on to Rome. And a venture it was. The GPS said it would be a three-hour drive so we left with PLENTY (5 ish hours) of time to get there. But in the life of Christy, something is ALWAYS bound to happen. Like clockwork, we hit the most random traffic jam held up by a “trash dumping” (wtf is a trash dumping?!) on the side of the road. Two hours to spare turned into returning our rental car with minutes to spare. JOY.

We booked a last minute deal at Hotel San Anselmo and it was straight out of my dream fairy tale. It could easily be on Blair Waldorf’s recommendation list. We woke up early to hit Vatican City and avoid the apparently crazy post-morning lines that start to form. This was in fact true. My ultimate goal for Rome was to make it to the top of the Vatican Dome to get the picture that everyone gets. And so we began.

Fellow Vatican visitors: you are NOT allowed into the church unless you have your shoulders and knees covered.

Leave it to me to show up in short shorts and a tank bodysuit. To be fair, I was definitely not the only one! Also, Austin has been to Rome before and should’ve been aware of this as my tour guide, so really I blame him. My only option was to buy a few headscarves off the street vendor and wrap them around my body. Standing in the sun wrapped in silk scarves was another opportunity for me to complain about how hot I was ( :) :) :) ) , but once we made it in, I forgot all about my boob sweat.

We chose to walk up the 551 steps to the top of the Dome as opposed to taking the elevator halfway. By the time we got to the top, my hands were so sweaty I thought I might drop my phone right off the edge trying to get a picture.  I caught my breath, stared at the greatness, said a prayer and then were on to the next touristy thing.

Next up on our (my) list was the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, small break for more pasta, and finally the Colosseum. Fun, OMG moment: we ran into the same family we took the cooking class with in Tuscany! The world is indeed small. After taking our time and seeing all the things, we went to an ice bar because neither of us had been to one and sometimes we have bad ideas. We stayed 20 minutes because my feet almost immediately went numb from the cold.

We wrapped up a great day and incredible trip to Italy. This was honestly one of the best trips I’ve been on. If you missed any of my blogs, including our Tuscan cooking class, me complaining about the Florence heat, or the world's best gelato, be sure to check them out! I may or may not have cried on our way out. Classic Christy. Ciao for now!

Bodysuit: Privacy Please

Shorts: Zara