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Taco Turkey Bowl

I am the queen of meal prepping and letting half of it go to waste. Anyone else with me? I’ve realized that I need to switch it up (I can NOT keep eating the same quinoa bowls day after day) and that means I need to cook throughout the week. I also need meals that actually taste good but leave me leftovers.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet, so I’m starting with ground turkey. I shared the beginnings of my taco turkey bowl on Instagram this week and it turned out so yummy, I had to share the recipe. And the best part: it’s cooking-for-dummies level easy.

What you’ll need:

  • Ground turkey

  • Taco seasoning

  • Veggies: Trader Joe’s sells pre-chopped veggie bowls that include broccoli, carrots, green and red cabbage, jicama, green bell pepper, radish and celery. That’s what I used here.

  • 1 can of black beans

  • Avocado

  • Herdez medium guacamole salsa


In a large pan (large enough for turkey and veggies), cook the ground turkey first and add the seasoning once done. Then, add in the veggies and sauté. I like adding them to the same pan because you’ll get some of that seasoning on the veggies, too.

Once done, scoop turkey/veggie mix into your bowl and add black beans, avo and the guacamole sauce. Enjoy!

See, it’s fool-proof.


There's a new restaurant in town, and I'm already in love. 

Superica, the Atlanta-based Tex Mex gem, recently opened its doors in Charlotte. We went for brunch last weekend and the menu had all the delicious things, featuring dishes like huevos rancheros and chilaquiles (both of which we ordered).

I was blown away at how big the Charlotte location is when we walked in. It looks like it could be two restaurants in one. The vibe was there but they seem to still be working out a few kinks. There wasn’t a wait and while we were immediately seated and served chips/an assortment of salsa, we started to feel like our waitress forgot about us. It had been a while since we even saw her, let alone put in any kind of order. Another waitress noticed and kindly took our order. The manager later came over and apologized for the mix up - turns out, they had recently done some rearranging of tables, so there was some confusion on who was covering ours. Even though we weren't upset, they comped our bill which made up for any extra wait time. 

Once the food arrived, I knew just by looking at it I was going to love it. And love it I did. I ate every last bite of my huevos rancheros but it also comes with a giant side of refried beans topped with cheese. I couldn't finish the beans but they were so.freaking.delicious. If you're wondering about cocktails: I got a Michelada (you're missing out if you haven't tried one). Austin got a margarita and confirmed it was "OK."

My ATL gals are coming up to visit next weekend and I am 100% taking them back here for brunch.  Have you been yet?

Daily Dish: Haberdish

OH MY GOD. Chicken & waffles from Haberdish. *end post* 

Kidding, but honestly, there isn't much else to say about it other than GO. I have a running list of restaurants I want to try and this has been on there for a hot minute. Austin and I finally went for brunch and their special of the day was chicken and waffles (I guess they normally don't serve it?).

There was a chicken tender and waffles option so I opted for that one. I've never had chicken and waffles before.... yes, I know, wtf is wrong with me. I don't eat a lot of chicken in the first place, and secondly, I usually have some variation of egg dish when I go to brunch. But we went allll out. We both ordered C&W, charred okra with bacon jam, tater tots, biscuits with sweet tea butter and I got a blonde Bloody Mary. Don't ask me what's in it because I have no idea, all I know is that I loved it. 

I didn't think there was any way I was going to finish my meal but it's like my stomach knew how good everything was and said to my mouth "Don't cha worry girl, keep it coming." And I finished every last bit, give or take some okra bites. Trust me, you need to make a trip to this NoDa gem.

Proof below. 

Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Happy Sunday, Wild Gang. Today, I'm talking teeth whitening (finally!).

Most people don’t know this, but I've been through YEARS of dental work. I've had a total of 10 teeth pulled, baby and permanent included. I've had an appliance, built-in retainers, two sets of braces, the list goes on. So I've always made sure to take care of the investment that is my teeth. When Smile Brilliant reached out to collaborate, I was super excited.

I've tried different whitening treatments before (Crest whitening strips and various rinses) but my teeth are so sensitive and I could never handle the pain that came with it. To be honest, I was a little skeptical to try the Smile Brilliant trays because if strips hurt that bad, wouldn't professional treatments be worse? As someone always on the go (and a girl who always has a coffee in her hand) I wanted something that was easy, doable and that worked.

I've been whitening for a couple weeks now (for a total of 8 treatments) and I am already amazed at the results! There has been minimal pain; I had a few slight moments of gum sensitivity but other than that, the process has been a breeze. And I can definitely see a difference in my teeth. I love that they have a desensitizing gel, too - you apply it after the whitening and it helps to "recover" your teeth.

So, what's the process like? Smile Brilliant sends a starter package to create your custom-fitted whitening trays. After sending back the impressions, your new custom trays arrive, ready to use. I typically whiten before bed (I allow myself about an hour to do both the whitening and desensitizing gel). It's super easy to pop them in while I shower, clean and binge my current Netflix obsession, Shameless. Check out the before and after results.



My kit is valued at $139 and Smile Brilliant has been kind enough to gift a free kit to one of my followers. Click on this link to enter my giveaway*. You can also use my custom code to receive $20 off your trayssomewearwild20

*Giveaway ends on 10/22. Open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. Must enter email to be entered!

Lemon Lemon

Happy Friday, babes! I just got back from an awesome weekend in Naples, FL celebrating my lifelong friend at her bachelorette party. 

We had a lingerie party, drank too much champagne and I about died from sea sickness on our booze cruise. But it was a blast. If you've never been to Naples, there is one place you cannot miss. It's called Blue Martini. 

Now that back home on the couch (and exhausted) I wanted to finish up this post about Lemon Lemon! If you like lemonade and you like soda, you're gonna be a fan of this new twist. Lemon Lemon surprised me with a LIT picnic basket, complete with mason jars, cups, straws, utensils, a blanket, the works! So I knew this had to be something good.  I'd never heard of this mysterious sparking lemonade and wanted to try it for the first time having a picnic in the park, naturally.

So last weekend, we hit up Freedom Park and while it was smoldering (seriously, when is this weather gonna chill?) it was a perfect picnic drink. It's even better on ice; a blessing on a hot summer day. Side note, I can see this pairing veryyy nicely with vodka. Just saying. :) You can find it in a grocery store near you with this link! Cheers.

Farmers Market Love

It's hard to believe I've never been to a farmers market before, but after going to the King's Drive market I'm a changed/nutritional/healthy foodie. JK.

But I have been doing some research about buying local and the benefits of organic foods; everything is seasonal and tastes amazingly fresh. Not to mention it helps support the local community.

It all started when I met this super nice gal in our apartment complex, who was carrying an insanely large rack of eggs and she told me she buys from a local farm, Salem Hills. This was still considered the winter months, but told me once the farmers market opened, I should hit up their booth. 

We went on opening day this year, and the crowd was huge. And the food selection did not disappoint. I realize I might sound super weird raving about a farmers market, but we were seriously in love!  If you're in the Charlotte area and haven't gone yet, consider this my Saturday activity recommendation.  

Daily Dish: O-Ku

I'm a sushi queen, so when I find a place I like, I'll be a loyal customer. 

My sushi fave in Charlotte is O-Ku (also located in Atlanta and Charleston). I’ll get to the goods — my go-to is a potato roll that has super powers. It's filled with tempura shrimp and avo, wrapped in fried shoe-string potatoes, and finally topped with eel sauce and sweet chili mango. It's AMAZING. I'm also one of those people who, when I find something I love on the menu, rarely tries anything else. Like I said, loyal. 

Food aside, the dining experience is always pleasant. You can opt for a seat at a high top table or at the sushi bar, which I will say is my favorite spot. I've never tried making sushi, but it's so impressive watching the chefs work their magic. The interior decor is also on point, with giant, industrial-looking windows, dimmed lighting enclosed in funky light fixtures and tree branches popping out of various spots around the restaurant.

The best part? Mondays and Wednesdays are HALF OFF all sushi from 5-7 p.m. So if you're looking for a new dinner spot this week, definitely give O-ku a try. 

Daily Dish: Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry

This dish originally started out as tacos and morphed into a stir fry, but feel free to slap on some tortilla shells at the end!

Things you'll need:

  1. Pound of chicken

  2. Bag of rice

  3. 1/3 cup soy sauce

  4. 1/4 brown sugar

  5. 2 tbsp honey 

  6. 4 garlic cloves (chopped)

  7. 1 tbsp ginger paste

  8. Veggies of your choice

  9. Nature's seasoning, salt, pepper

Start by mixing your diced chicken, soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, garlic and ginger paste in a pan. Cook it all together until the chicken is done and the sauce gets nice and thick. Sauté your veggies (I use soy sauce, salt and pepper for flavor) and boil your rice. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the chicken for a final touch. Mix everything all together or eat it separate. There are so many ways to eat this, but it's super easy and delicious!


Daily Dish: Zablong

I'm all about my pizza.

Other than Mellow Mushroom (duh), one of the best spots I've found in Charlotte is Zablong. It's located in Uptown, just outside Latta Arcade. The menu features fixed pizzas or you can create your own masterpiece (think Chipotle-style for pizza). One of the best perks is no matter how many toppings/how your pizza is prepared, it's always the same price. And they are huge! I have yet to finish the whole thing in one sitting.

The restaurant is compact and the brick walls are covered with graffiti art. The owner and staff are also extremely friendly! And for those wondering about the name, refer to the breakdown below. 

Za: as in slang for pizza
Blong: belonging; bringing people together across worlds, cultures, ages, and in real time.

Quickie Guide to NYC Eats

Oh, New York. Definitely one of my favorite cities. It's got all the hustle, views, FOOOOD and of course shit smells to remind you that nothing can be perfect. 

I once heard that if you ate at a different New York restaurant every day, you wouldn't make it through all of them before you die. So every time I go, it's important I find some goodies. For anyone who is taking a trip to the big city, here's a list of my favorite places, neighborhood (make it to Brooklyn, it's the best) and meal suggestions included! 

  1. OBAO (Thai in Hell's Kitchen); Pad Thai and Basil Fried Rice
  2. El Centro (Mexican in Hell's Kitchen); Skirt Steak Tacos
  3. Rabbithole (Brunch in Brooklyn); Eggs Benny or French Toast
  4. Spaghetti Incident (Spaghetti in Lower East Side); SPAGHETTI IN A CONE
  5. Don Chingon (Mexican in Brooklyn); Carne Asada Burrito
  6. Malaparte (Italian in West Village); Pesto Spaghetti
  7. The Bagel Store (Bagels in Brooklyn); I'm an Everything girl, but they have Insta-worthy Rainbow bagels here
  8. Salvation Taco (Tacos in Midtown); Korean BBQ Tacos
  9. Up Thai (Thai in Upper East Side); Pad-Se-Ew
  10. Nobu (Sushi in Tribeca); there are two locations in NY, both with different scenes but you'll likely need a res at both; Beef Toban Yaki, Rock Shrimp Tempura w/ Creamy Spicy Sauce, and ANY sushi or sashimi

A few noteworthy juice/coffee/drink spots are Juice Press, Joe & the Juice, Vandal, Mr. Purple and The Wren. I didn't include pizza on here (shock) but I've had lots of pizza in New York and it's hard to go wrong. I'm sure there is a way to go wrong, but I'm going to leave this one up to you until further notice. Bone apple tea.