Under the Tuscan Sun

The latest trip in my travel diary was to the beautiful and picturesque region of Tuscany. It’s located in Central Italy, about a three hour drive south from the Rome airport, which is where we flew in to. Our group of 11 spent 10 days in the heart of wine country, at the most incredible villa in Chianti! The house, along with the views, were perfection.  

The roads of Tuscany are the windiest roads I’ve ever driven on and if you get car sickness like me then you’ll want to stay in the front seat and roll the window down. But the scenery on the way up was exactly how it looks in Under the Tuscan Sun. The rolling hills seem to go on forever and there are also sporadic, massive sunflower fields (sad I didn't get a picture). The secluded villa was tucked wayyyy back in the Tuscan landscape, featuring a pool and cliff terrace. When I say secluded -- it took 10 minutes (!!!) just to travel down the gravel driveway (we timed it). Thank the LAWD for built-in GPS on rental cars.

Every inch of the house was authentic and detailed. From the hammocks to the grape vines, there was something beautiful to look at from every angle. I was drooling when we first got there. Our hosts, and good friends, even cooked for us almost every night. We really had it made.  

To top all this off, there was a winery right down the road. Shock. We enjoyed a wine and olive oil tasting that led to muuuuultiple return visits throughout the week to pick up more bottles of Rosé. HERE'S THE WEBSITE IF YOU WANT TO ORDER THE BEST ROSÉ EVER.