Tulum = Magic

Oh, Tulum. Before this trip, Austin (the boy) and I were brainstorming where our next getaway should be.  Knowing all the worldly hotspots, I suggested Tulum. I wish. Truth is, I read about Tulum on a "Best Beaches of Mexico" article. It didn’t take us very long to book our tickets.

We spent five days at the magical Mi Amor, and it was a gem. I’m talkin’ Let’s Get Married Jagged Edge honeymoon material. From being greeted with strawberry champagne and escorted to our beachy chic room to couples massage at the spa, I was in heavennnnn. And don’t get me started on the food at the hotel restaurant (Unico). It was FIRE. All the staff was so accommodating and really sweet.  They even let us borrow all of their snorkel gear for our touristy adventure of the caves and lagoon turtle swim.

We crammed in as much beautiful Tulum as we could. Here are some of my favorite things:

  • Cenotes. Cenotes are those underwater caves that you see on all the traveltheworld Instagram accounts. The water was soooo clear and and swimmable. We brought a GoPro thinking we’d could snap some cool underwater pics, but they were all shit. Need more GoPro lessons.
  • Mayan ruins. The Mayan ruins were really cool pieces of history. And the views were perfection.

  • NAO. If Miso soup had an award to win, NAO would win it. This local joint also has the best mojitos I’ve ever tried in my life!!

We'll definitely be making a return to Tulum one day. In the meantime, I’ll be planning my beachside destination wedding here (and Nao will be catering).