Travel Diary: Costa Brava

It has been a crazy fun few weeks! Right after Spain, we headed down to the Bahamas (blog post coming soon) and I just got around to finessing part two of our Spain escapade. 

Part one was all about Barcelona. Refresher on that wild time, here. After a couple days in Barcelona, we drove about an hour and 45 minutes north of the city to a region called Costa Brava, near Cruïlles. We pulled up to the biggest, most insane, feast-for-your-eyes villa. I can't even put it into words. The 12 of us spent 8 days together; it was the main crew from Italy last year, plus a few more awesome people. 

The owners of this villa must live a lavish life. The house was filled with original wall art, furniture and old family photos hanging from the walls. Every room had a different décor. And the pool. I've never seen a pool so big in my life. We spent the majority of our days laying poolside and playing as many drinking games as you can imagine. 

We took a midweek day trip to the coastal town of Tamariu (in the province of Girona). I was a bit "unwell" from last night's activities when we decided to take a two-hour kayak trip to see caves in the area. I've never been kayaking before, so you can imagine the burning in my arms as we began paddling in rocky ocean waves. For two. hours. It was rough, no pun intended. I can't complain all that much (even though I was full of complaints during the trek) because once we finally reached the caves, it was worth it. We paddled all the way into one of the caves until I got too scared and made us turn back around. :) Even though I was sea sick as hell, I'm glad we did it. 

The group trip was another major success, and we're extremely #blessed to have such amazing friends.

Alright, enough talk, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (click on image links for what I wore)!