Nashville Travel Guide

Last weekend, I took a road trip over to Nashville. The first time I visited was spent mostly on Broadway so this time around, I was excited to check out more of the fine dining, coffee shops and surrounding neighborhood hot spots.

We had *mostly* great weather and crammed in as much as we could in two and a half days. Luckily, I had a long list of recommendations so we were never short of ideas. If you're gonna go, you gotta do it right. Be sure to add the following to your Nash list:


  1. Edley's: Famous BBQ that has a casual vibe. Be prepared for a long line waiting to place your order at the counter. I opted for the brisket tacos and the combination of flavors was just, wow.

  2. Biscuit Love: Again, more lines. We went on a Saturday morning and waited about an hour and 30. I went with the popular East Nasty biscuit (no gravy and added an egg on top). The fried goodness slid off my chicken piece pretty easily but the biscuit itself was divine.

  3. Adele's: You can find this cutsie restaurant in the Gulch, and it features seasonal food sourced from local farms. We went for dinner but it’s open for lunch Friday and Saturdays and now offers a Sunday brunch buffet. I ordered the Mahi Mahi, kale salad and cauliflower. All very good but be prepared for a pricey tab.


  1. Franklin Juice Co.: You know I love my raw juice so when we stumbled upon this after dinner, I had to stop in and snag a juice for the next morning. I got the Sweet Beet and it was the perfect start to my day.

  2. Steadfast Coffee: Get the coffee soda and call it a day. A friend recommended I try this and good thing, because I probably wouldn't have ordered it on my own. It's an unlikely combination but it somehow works. Really well.

  3. Frothy Monkey: We had our Easter brunch here and it was the best Easter brunch I could've asked for. This edgy coffee shop is located in the 12th South neighborhood and the menu offers breakfast and brunch + lunch and dinner. They have all the coffee you need as well as craft beer, wine and cocktails. I ordered the California sandwich with a Golden Monkey (added expresso). Everything was DELISH.


  1. LA Jackson: MY NEW FAVORITE SPOT IN NASH. It's a rooftop bar and they have frosé - need I say more? The weather was on point when we went and the music was a freakin' vibe. After two drinks, I was definitely feeling it (and myself). We even went back again with friends the same night.

  2. The Patterson House: You've never seen a cocktail been made to perfection until you go here. This speakeasy plays throwback music, with dim lighting for a moody feel and the bartenders treat every drink like it's their child. We were both mesmerized watching our drinks being made. Definitely put it on your list.

  3. Acme Feed and Seed: If you want a taste of Broadway and drunk peeps, this is your spot. It's great to experience once.


  1. Uncommon James: This is Kristin Cavallari's new flagship jewelry store. It's super cute, and I highly recommend. And because I'll support anything she does after Laguna Beach/The Hills.

  2. Imogene + Willie: Expensive jeans that I really want but can't afford. Worth to go and try them on while scoping out the amazing décor.

There were still lots of places we wanted to visit but didn't have the time, so I guess this means another trip is in order!