I recently had the opportunity to play model for one of my long-time friend's apparel company. The name is Loma Apparel and its game is so much more than clothing. 

Four years ago, Loma was created in the heart of San Diego as a fashionable school spirit-wear line for Point Loma University and has since evolved into a stand alone aspirational brand that encourages people to live for more. The tagline is #Made4More, which advocates the idea there is more to life than your current situation. What that "more" means, is well, up to you.

The new line is "Simple" and features subtle logos against dark tees for guys, and cute-as-hell crop tops for gals. In addition to the dope collection that just dropped, Loma is gearing up for a video series featuring people of high character. The series will highlight influencers, some famous, some not, and ultimately reveal what exactly #Made4More means to them. If you're interested in joining the movement, shoot them a note here. 

Loma is great because its style of clothes is always changing and evolving - and even better than that, 10% of everything goes to charity. I was honored to help him shoot the new line. Check out some of the behind the scenes shots of the awesome backdrops in downtown Atlanta.

Find your passion and crush it.