I Got a Nose Job

So I got a nose job.

First, let me start by THANKING GOD FOR THIS MOMENT. JK, really just a huge shoutout to my family for making this possible. My new nose was actually a gift (an extremely generous one; you’re looking at somewhere between $5-6K) and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. 

Now let’s back up. All the way to maybe 10 years ago? I’ve wanted a nose job for a long ass time. The real ones know. I had a big hump, possibly the result of getting hit with soccer balls, smacking it on the leg of our couch but probably just genetics. It was really only noticeable from my side profile but I’ve always wanted to shape that and my tip. Fast forward to December 2017 and I was ready to see a surgeon about it.

There’s so much stigma around plastic surgery and altering your God-given bod. It’s dumb. You fix your teeth when they’re crooked and I wanted to fix my humpy schnoz. If you’re considering doing it too, I’m breaking down what you can expect from start to finish.

Before surgery.

Do your research. Luckily, I had a very trustworthy recommendation from someone who already had it done (I don’t reveal my sources). So finding my surgeon was a little easier. I still researched multiple docs and weighed my pros and cons, risks, costs, etc. I was not about to settle on something that could potentially eff up my face. Once you find your surgeon, make sure you both know exactly what you want. I saw him in December for my initial consultation. I didn’t end up scheduling my surgery until almost seven months later so I met with him again to make sure he remembered everything we talked about. The best thing about my doc was he told me what he’d do to my nose before I even walked through it. And he nailed everything on my list.

I’ve had my wisdom teeth and tonsils removed and both times, the last thing I remember is looking at the ceiling and then waking up in my mom’s bed. Waking up with a brand new nose this time? It sounded wonderful. But for some reason, I was so anxious in the weeks leading up to my surgery. I would have dreams that it turned out crooked or flat, that I would wake up during or wouldn’t wake up at all. I have a case of an overactive mind. Just know this is SO routine and if you’re going to a reputable doc, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

My surgery was at 6:30 a.m. so thankfully, I didn’t have much time to feel anxious the day of. I changed into my robe, the nurse gave me something to "calm my stomach” and before I knew it, I was being pumped with sedatives through an IV.

After surgery.

About an hour and half later, I woke up to my nurse’s voice in the recovery room. I was very out of it but remember everything. She told me he had to break my nose - the doc usually decides that once he gets all up in there. Then she told me I woke up smiling and she wished all her patients would be as happy waking up LOL. I heard my mom’s voice as she came in to see me, and next thing I knew, my nurse was dressing me and helping me into my wheelchair. It's really important to eat before taking any pain meds so our first stop was Chick-fil-A for fries. Yes, you can eat normal food immediately after. I did surprisingly well my first day - it consisted of lots of icing, peeing from all the gatorade I was chugging and apparently having full-blown text conversations with friends? Had to go back a read a few of those….

The first few days are definitely the worst. I swelled up a lot and looked like an avatar or some kind of rodent. I don’t do well with pain pills but honestly, the pain wasn’t bad unless I accidentally hit it. Which I did. :) I left surgery on Friday with a stint/cast and had it taken off that Tuesday. After that, I had nose strips until the weekend and those just came off in the shower. I also couldn't breathe through my nose for a week but, sorry TMI, I finally pulled out a disgusting booger clump (you can’t blow your nose for while) and it was the most glorious feeling. I could breathe again. 

If you have a job, plan to take off a week after surgery because your face will not look work appropriate.  My boss was super understanding and I just ended up taking a couple days off and working from home for the rest. You'll definitely need to rest as much as possible that first week. 


All in, my doc shaved my top hump, slimmed it out and refined the tip of my nose. I could immediately see the changes as soon as he took off the stint but it swells a lot. And changes slightly every day. The final results can take up to 10 months to a year but that’s because your skin, the same skin that’s been formed to your nose your whole life, has to reform to the new shape. There are definitely some restrictions as you heal. I think the hardest thing will be not being able to work out or wear my glasses for a month. Pray for me.

I’m so happy I did it and I love it already and I would 100 p do it again. If you’re considering ANY kind of procedure, do it for you and no one else. I’m all about doing what makes you feel happy and at your best. Please message me/comment below if you have any questions!!