What I Wore: Poms

These might be the weirdest shoes I've purchased, but I LOVE them and there's a pretty cool story behind the poms.

I've been eyeing these ever since I saw them on the Sam Edelman Insta page. Sam happened to be in Charlotte for an appearance and since I stalk every CLT account possible (great way to be social in a new city), I found out where it was going down.

I ended up snagging the last pair in my size and meeting Sam himself after checking out. He told me of the three colors (they come in black, grey and pink), "black if you're boring, grey if you're conservative and pink if you're fun." I happened to get the pink ones so it made me feel even better about my purchase. He then signed my shoe box saying, "Love fashion. It never lies." Fabulous words of wisdom. 

You can find them, here.