To My Wild Women

Today, we celebrate women around the world.

I didn't know exactly where I wanted to take this blog when I first started it. I'm passionate about a lot but didn't want it to be an overwhelming space. Even though I struggled to find the purpose and focus, one thing I’ve always known is that I wanted this to be a spot where girls could feel empowered and inspired.

Fashion, traveling, and eating are things I love but I also love the fact that I am female. I always write from an honest place, and while it’s fun telling you guys about my latest adventures and outfits of the moment, it's important to me that I also encourage women to be themselves without fear of being different.

As we all know, women are amazing! But it’s not always easy to stay focused on the positive things, and sometimes we all need a reminder that we’re stronger than we think we are, we have what it takes, and can accomplish great things when we support one another. Each of us are unique and should continue celebrating each other’s talents and strengths. Whether I know you personally or we've never crossed paths, I'm rooting for you.

On International Women’s Day, I’m celebrating two very influential people in my life - my mom and Nana. They are survivors, both figuratively and literally, and I admire them today and everyday. Take some time to thank the lady stars in your world. God knows they are the CEOs of our life.

Stay wild and most importantly, stay true to YOU. *cue Independent Women by Destiny’s Child*