There's a new restaurant in town, and I'm already in love. 

Superica, the Atlanta-based Tex Mex gem, recently opened its doors in Charlotte. We went for brunch last weekend and the menu had all the delicious things, featuring dishes like huevos rancheros and chilaquiles (both of which we ordered).

I was blown away at how big the Charlotte location is when we walked in. It looks like it could be two restaurants in one. The vibe was there but they seem to still be working out a few kinks. There wasn’t a wait and while we were immediately seated and served chips/an assortment of salsa, we started to feel like our waitress forgot about us. It had been a while since we even saw her, let alone put in any kind of order. Another waitress noticed and kindly took our order. The manager later came over and apologized for the mix up - turns out, they had recently done some rearranging of tables, so there was some confusion on who was covering ours. Even though we weren't upset, they comped our bill which made up for any extra wait time. 

Once the food arrived, I knew just by looking at it I was going to love it. And love it I did. I ate every last bite of my huevos rancheros but it also comes with a giant side of refried beans topped with cheese. I couldn't finish the beans but they were so.freaking.delicious. If you're wondering about cocktails: I got a Michelada (you're missing out if you haven't tried one). Austin got a margarita and confirmed it was "OK."

My ATL gals are coming up to visit next weekend and I am 100% taking them back here for brunch.  Have you been yet?