Sudio Moments

I love my music and I absolutely have to listen to some hip hop when I’m working out. But, I hate cords and fiddling with the tangled mess that is ALWAYS my iPhone earphones.

Apple came out with wireless earbuds but the price tag didn’t seem worth something I’d potentially lose within two weeks. When I learned about Sudio and their wireless options, I was intrigued. It’s a Swedish brand that makes earphones with a contemporary Scandinavian design. Their take on earphones is that they should be easily integrated into everyday life as a stylish accessory. They really want to change the attitude from earphones being purely a tech device to something people wear all the time. I could jump on this earbud train so I tried the Vasa Blå earbuds in Rose Gold/White (they also come in black, blue and pink). It’s a wireless model with great battery life, rose gold detailing and studio-quality sound.

Honestly, the sound quality is awesome. And all their products are designed for active lifestyles, so they’re all sweat- and water-resistant, too. One thing I like about them is you’re still able to remain aware of your surroundings. If I’m running, I can hear people or cars around me.

My style features the following:

  1. Four pairs of extra sleeves
  2. Leather carrying case
  3. Range: 10 meters
  4. Battery time: 9 hours (active), 10 days (standby) Charging time: 10 minutes (quick charge), 120 minutes (full) 
  5. Built in mic

Fun fact: Sudio stems from an incident when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. With the frustration of not yet being able to offer any better alternative to Phil, the only words he could utter were: “trust me I know the feeling,” as they shared eye contact. The name Sudio is a homage to the Phil Collins song Sussudio.

Sudio generously provided a 15% discount code for my followers: SOMEWEARWILD.

Let me know what you think!