Studio Style

I'm officially a Plaza Midwood resident! 

My lease in South End was coming to an end in August and I wanted to move for a couple reasons; the main one being I needed something less expensive. I shopped around within various neighborhoods including South Park, Dilworth and NoDa. But I managed to find the cutest apartment in Plaza for about $200 less per month. My lower monthly rent came with a bit of a downsize, but it wasn't extreme. It's technically a studio but the bedroom still has walls so it feels more like a one-bedroom apartment. 

Now that I had a smaller place, I had to buy new decor/furniture (DRATS!!) because some of the old stuff didn't fit.  If you recall my last post on the apartment decor, you'll remember most of the furniture was from Austin's first place. I was so excited to make my new space my own and get some CAYUTE new things. I'll likely be paying off my credit card bill for the next few months, but here's a breakdown of some of the new stuff I got! 

Rug from Urban Outfitters (they have SO many great options)
Coffee Table from Amazon
TV Stand from Amazon
Sheer Curtains from Amazon
Curtain Panel from Urban Outfitters
Snake Plant and Planter from Lowes

Stay tuned for more updates!