Sleep Stylin'

New product alert! I recently posted about Sleep Stylers on my IG and received a ton of feedback. I wasn't planning to do a full post about these but so many of you have messaged me with specific questions, so I've linked to the exact ones I have


These have been featured on Shark Tank and The View but with a mane like mine, I'm always a bit skeptical about products that claim to tame your hair or give you perfect waves. But I've tried it twice now and I'm really happy with the waves, however, I wanted do a post so I could explain all my thoughts! 

Sleep Styler 101:

  1. They are memory foam rollers, so while you’re meant to sleep in them, they are also a bit firm and can take some getting used to (especially if you're a diva sleeper like me). 
  2. The instructions say you can roll them onto damp hair, or for thick hair, it suggests air drying to 80%. The first night I put them on damp hair but because my hair is insanely thick, it wasn’t fully dry when I woke up. Still looked good, but not ideal. If you have really thick or long hair, I'd recommend air drying or blow drying at least 90% of the way. 
  3. There are two sizes - minis (12 rollers) and large (8 rollers). I definitely have the large size but I still could use a couple additional rollers. Again, if you don’t have super thick hair like me, many of my issues won’t matter for you!  
  4. Be prepared for tamed curls when you first take them out. I suggest flipping your hair a couple times and/or brushing the waves out, and adding some hair spray for a fluffy, beach-wavy look.  
  5. They start out super fluffy, but fall little by little throughout the day. I actually like this because my hair (including my crazy ends) doesn't look frizzy at all and settles into a really natural wave.

Overall, I'd say they're worth the $30. It literally takes five minutes to roll my entire head and on days when you don't feel like taking time with a curler, it's a perfect solution. Below are pictures of the before and after. Let me know if you try them out!