One Year of SWW

Wow. I cannot believe it's already been a year since launching this blog. 

As many of you remember, I started this a year ago because I wanted to a creative space to express myself and share things I'm passionate about. That list ranges from saving the world to Pad See Ew, so I like to think I include a healthy dose of everything on the blog. 

The "blogsphere" is obviously crazy saturated (you can scroll for days looking up the hashtag #fashionblogger). On top of my day job, this has been such a fun, creative outlet for me. I think everyone needs something--a hobby, a class they teach, an organization to join--that feeds them. It's important to have an outlet, whether that's painting or documenting your travels, it's YOUR personal moment. I get stressed, I get moody and I surely don't have it together so coming here allows me to refocus and enjoy "me time".

So what have I learned this past year?

  1. Don't skimp out on a website. Invest in your own domain and template, and do your best to make it look professional.  Once you have your site, you can play around, tweak it and try new add ons as you go. 
  2. Quality images are it. There's no such thing as the "perfect shot" but my only tip here is don't post a pic for the sake of posting. People want authentic and they want quality. 
  3. Aesthetic. I have a background in PR, so I naturally believe in branding yourself. Your aesthetic is a part of your brand. Try to stay consistent with your imagery, type font, etc. so people can immediately tell it's you when they are looking at your content. 
  4. Do YOU. Everyone wants to stay up with the current trends but stay true to your unique style. Be creative in your imagery, captions and blog content and you will create a space that is your own. 

My favorite thing about SWW: It's 100% me. There are no rules, no one directing imagery or content. I have full creative direction and incorporate my own personality. And I love interacting with the people who love that, too.

Cheers to the next year! XOXO