Lemon Lemon

Happy Friday, babes! I just got back from an awesome weekend in Naples, FL celebrating my lifelong friend at her bachelorette party. 

We had a lingerie party, drank too much champagne and I about died from sea sickness on our booze cruise. But it was a blast. If you've never been to Naples, there is one place you cannot miss. It's called Blue Martini. 

Now that back home on the couch (and exhausted) I wanted to finish up this post about Lemon Lemon! If you like lemonade and you like soda, you're gonna be a fan of this new twist. Lemon Lemon surprised me with a LIT picnic basket, complete with mason jars, cups, straws, utensils, a blanket, the works! So I knew this had to be something good.  I'd never heard of this mysterious sparking lemonade and wanted to try it for the first time having a picnic in the park, naturally.

So last weekend, we hit up Freedom Park and while it was smoldering (seriously, when is this weather gonna chill?) it was a perfect picnic drink. It's even better on ice; a blessing on a hot summer day. Side note, I can see this pairing veryyy nicely with vodka. Just saying. :) You can find it in a grocery store near you with this link! Cheers.