Farmers Market Love

It's hard to believe I've never been to a farmers market before, but after going to the King's Drive market I'm a changed/nutritional/healthy foodie. JK.

But I have been doing some research about buying local and the benefits of organic foods; everything is seasonal and tastes amazingly fresh. Not to mention it helps support the local community.

It all started when I met this super nice gal in our apartment complex, who was carrying an insanely large rack of eggs and she told me she buys from a local farm, Salem Hills. This was still considered the winter months, but told me once the farmers market opened, I should hit up their booth. 

We went on opening day this year, and the crowd was huge. And the food selection did not disappoint. I realize I might sound super weird raving about a farmers market, but we were seriously in love!  If you're in the Charlotte area and haven't gone yet, consider this my Saturday activity recommendation.