CLT ClassPass Favorites

I finally hopped on the ClassPass train. I was more or less suckered into it -- the tempting $4 ClassPass trial popped up on my Instagram ads. I've heard all about the app but never took the plunge, so thought now would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.

In typical Christy fashion, I never used my trial classes and forgot to cancel it, so I was charged for the next month. Since I was already locked in, I thought I might as well give it a real try. One month in and ten classes down, and I am loving it. I travel back and forth to Atlanta a lot, so I love that you’re able to switch cities. Here are my Charlotte favorites:

FlyBarre 60 - I had never done any kind of barre class so this one was completely new to me. The instructor Kelley was super helpful in terms of form, enthusiastic, and honestly made the class. Not to mention the music was on point. FULL. BODY. BURNOUT.

Hot VIBE5 - Hot yoga is typically my favorite kind of yoga but Jaimis is the bomb. I had been following her on Instagram and finally took one of her classes at Resident Culture Brewing - needless to say, I knew I wanted more of this chick. She is the sweetest person and I love how she always begins each class with the most perfect intentions.

RockBox Fitness - If you wanna die, take this class. Kidding, but it was probably the toughest one I’ve done yet! There’s boxing, weights, and sprints. I pretty much collapsed at the end but the instructor made it so enjoyable and really made sure I knew what I was doing from start to finish.

MADabolic - I tried this interval-based training class for the first time and left feeling so good. It wasn’t as extreme as I thought, and the instructor did a lovely job of making me feel intimated enough so I wouldn’t dare slack off. Definitely a fan. 

AIR -  Ever heard of aerial yoga? It's a big thing now and yes, it's a little weird but also hard af and awesome. My friend Jamie and I tried the 30-minute ab blast (AIR Core) at the South Park location. All while twisting and hanging in aerial hammocks, this class is a Pilates-inspired ab workout that works every part of your tummy. They usually recommend new clients take at least one AIR Foundation class before advancing to the AIR Core, but it's doable (we survived).  

TITLE Boxing - Ah, TITLE. If you want to unleash the fury for an hour straight, this is your class. Pissed at your ex? TITLE. Stressed from work? TITLE. Can't figure out why, but you need to hit something? You get it. This is one of my favorite boxing classes (I had a membership when I lived in Raleigh) because it's nonstop, guided combos with 15 minutes of core work at the end. And you feel amazing walking out. 

P.S. If you're in the Atlanta area, check out Torq Cycle with my girl Shelby -- you'll feel the burn but in a good way.

Safe to say I’ll continue on my ClassPass ride for a while. Let me know if you have any questions, and please share your class recs in Charlotte or Atlanta!