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Emporio Armani Grand Opening

Last week, I was invited to attend Emporio Armani's grand opening event at South Park mall. 

Major YouTube and Insta babes, Natalie and Jessi, hosted the event and both are absolute babes in-person. The spring collection was super dreamy and the live DJ and flowing wine made browsing that much better. I met some amazing influencers in person - some I'd been following for a while and felt like I already knew their life story. Instagram, you crazy.

As soon as I walked in, I was drawn to a table at the front where two artists we creating digital illustrations of guests. Check out mine below! Such a fun event, and I was so honored to be a part. 

Apartment Makeover - Part I

For the past year, I've been slowly but surely finding my design aesthetic, updating the apartment decor and replacing some of the accessories around my place.

When Austin and I moved in together, most of our furniture was his from his first apartment or generously handed down from our families. Once we got settled, I started accessorizing with no real plan in mind, and things weren't meshing. Almost everything we had was of a darker hue so I'd buy small things to try and brighten up the apartment – but it wasn't doing the trick.

When I moved into my new place last year, I made it a priority to create a mood board and slowly integrate my vision. First up was the bedroom. I completed my first chalk paint project on the dresser, got new bedding and started updating the bathroom colorway. I think it’s so important to sleep in a space that’s calming and that you actually enjoy spending time in.

I've found some great deals throughout the process and linked a few of my favorite accessories below. I'm far from finished but it's a start! Below is my mood board to show you what I'm going for, with a couple of before and after shots to follow. Interior design has never been my sweet spot but the more I research and shop, the more into interested I become!

What are some of your favorite design inspo sites?

Part II coming soon.

Some of my favorites things:

Velvet pillow shams from Amazon
Wooden tray from Target
Candle from Nest
Coasters from Anthropologie
Faux cow skull from Etsy
Grey plush blanket from Amazon
Brass jewelry tray from Amazon
Globe floor lamp from Target

Decor Mood Board.jpg

A few of my updates... 

What’s up Doc

You know when you have your mind set on buying something, and it’s only a matter of time before you make the purchase? That was the case with my white Dr. Martens boots.

I have been searching for the perfect pair of Dr. Martens for months. I tried on the black leathers in-store, didn’t like the fit, searched for a different style online but then wasn't sure I’d like them in person. I knew I wanted white ones and when I found the glitter version, I had to pull the trigger.

I shopped around various stores online, including REVOLVE and ASOS. But I ended up finding these on Amazon! And they were about $35 cheaper than regular pricing. I am loving Amazon these days. The boots arrived and were even more beautiful in person.

The only downside, as with any white shoe, is that you have to be extremely careful not to get them dirty. Especially because it's almost impossible to clean a glitter-covered shoe. However, I love them and they were definitely worth the purchase. 

Here's the link to my exact pair from Amazon.  

Valentine's Day OOTD

I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. Not for any particular reason, it’s just always been one holiday I couldn’t get into. I love celebrating love, but this day always feels forced. 

That being said, what I do love are my new jeans from Urban and this AHHH-mazing jacket from Akira.

Shop the look below:  
Jeans from Urban Outfitters
Jacket from Akira
Booties from Who What Wear x Target
Bodysuit from Missguided

OOTD: Oversized Sweatshirt x Timbs

You never know what you're going to get with Charlotte weather. 

I've lived here for a year and a half now and I still can't figure it out. I used to think Atlanta had crazy weather but I think CLT takes the cake. In a three week span, I've purchased items ranging from swimsuits to oversized sweaters (like this one below). Just want to be prepared, you know??

I love this cozy vibe from Missguided. Pair it with jeans and boots or fun, vinyl leggings and heels. 

Shop the look below:
Sweatshirt by Missguided
Jeans by Articles of Society
Timbs from ASOS
Coat by Kenneth Cole

Wrangler Pop-Up Event

Last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Wrangler pop-up event in Greensboro.

I’ve never actually owned any Wrangler jeans so I had no idea what the fit was like. Lucky for me, the brand was kind enough to send a few pieces prior to the event - a pair of black skinnies, a denim jacket and overalls. And luckily, ALL of them fit like a glove (which is super rare for me!). Naturally, I went with the overalls for the event. I paired it with a black bodysuit and some killer combat boots.

I showed up to the pop-up and the energy was already a major vibe. There was so much going on: a DJ, drinks, food, a photoshoot setup and my personal favorite: a customizable station for your denim. They had a screen printer in the store so people could customize their pieces with images or patches. One option Wrangler had was this iconic close-up of a woman’s lips holding a brass bottle-cap-looking thing, and I immediately knew that’s what I wanted for my jacket. It was such a badass image and I knew I'd love my jacket even more wearing that around. 

Within two minutes, I had it printed on the back. Check the pics below and see for yourself! Thanks to the Wrangler team for having me!

Shop the pieces here:
Denim Jacket

Sleep Stylin'

New product alert! I recently posted about Sleep Stylers on my IG and received a ton of feedback. I wasn't planning to do a full post about these but so many of you have messaged me with specific questions, so I've linked to the exact ones I have


These have been featured on Shark Tank and The View but with a mane like mine, I'm always a bit skeptical about products that claim to tame your hair or give you perfect waves. But I've tried it twice now and I'm really happy with the waves, however, I wanted do a post so I could explain all my thoughts! 

Sleep Styler 101:

  1. They are memory foam rollers, so while you’re meant to sleep in them, they are also a bit firm and can take some getting used to (especially if you're a diva sleeper like me). 
  2. The instructions say you can roll them onto damp hair, or for thick hair, it suggests air drying to 80%. The first night I put them on damp hair but because my hair is insanely thick, it wasn’t fully dry when I woke up. Still looked good, but not ideal. If you have really thick or long hair, I'd recommend air drying or blow drying at least 90% of the way. 
  3. There are two sizes - minis (12 rollers) and large (8 rollers). I definitely have the large size but I still could use a couple additional rollers. Again, if you don’t have super thick hair like me, many of my issues won’t matter for you!  
  4. Be prepared for tamed curls when you first take them out. I suggest flipping your hair a couple times and/or brushing the waves out, and adding some hair spray for a fluffy, beach-wavy look.  
  5. They start out super fluffy, but fall little by little throughout the day. I actually like this because my hair (including my crazy ends) doesn't look frizzy at all and settles into a really natural wave.

Overall, I'd say they're worth the $30. It literally takes five minutes to roll my entire head and on days when you don't feel like taking time with a curler, it's a perfect solution. Below are pictures of the before and after. Let me know if you try them out! 

New Year, New Goals


Another year has absolutely flown by. Is it bad to say I’m glad this year is over?

It was an action-packed year, with six weddings (three of which I was a bridesmaid for), over 10 trips between personal, work, and wedding festivities, and no room to breath. I don’t want to sound complain-y because I am super fortunate to have taken the trips of a lifetime and a job that allows me to travel to dope places.

But in 2018, I am going to be more intentional with my time and my self-care. This year was go-go-go and come October I came down hard with Bronchitis and am still battling a lingering cough three months later. It’s so important to take care of your body and listen when it's telling you to slow down. Looking ahead, I’m making the following things a priority:

More “Me” time. We all get caught up in the daily hustle. And for bloggers, it can be especially hard to always seem “on”. Some days, you aren’t feeling yourself or maybe feel more stressed than normal. I’m making it a goal to take time to myself and refocus when needed. Whether that means more journaling, booking a facial or sitting on the couch and doing nothing, 2018 is the year of ME.

Read one book a month. I always say I want to read more. I believe the more you read, the better writer you’ll become (obviously, writing more in general helps as well). But I think one book a month is a doable goal and I have a list of books which will already get me through the first few months! What you are you guys planning to read?? Feel free to shoot me any suggestions!

Invest in SWW. Now that I’m a year into the blog, I want to make it a priority to invest in the right tools for creating content. My goal is to become better at using tools and technology to help with things like infographics, lighting and more! I’m all about propping my iPhone against some books, but a tripod might be a bit easier to capture selfies.  

Say no to dieting, but say yes to health. I’ve never been a diet person mainly because I don’t think they’re realistic, BUT eating healthier is. I am reallllllly trying to give up dairy. It’s almost impossible since it’s in so much of the food I eat and I also just love it. However, it does zero good for my body. Another goal is to drink less alcohol. I don’t drink a ton anymore as it is, but for my liver’s sake, I’m leaving this one on the list as well.

BLOG MORE. This year was extremely busy and it was difficult to make the blog a priority. I’ll definitely put more attention to blogging on a more frequent and consistent basis, and also have a revamp in the works so stay tuned!

I would love to hear your resolutions in the comments below! I hope you all have a fab new year!!

See you in 2018 xx,

Snow Daze

Snowpocalypse round two!! Jkjk, but Atlanta did get snow again and I was lucky enough to be home to play in it. 

Last weekend, my good friend from work braved the storm with me as soon as the snow started to hit Charlotte. We were patiently (anxiously) waiting to decide whether we should go for it or not, and decided last minute to YOLO. We got two hours into our drive to Atlanta when we almost turned back around - the potential black ice was freaking us out. But, we stuck it through and made it back. Praise. 

Honestly, I was surprised at how much snow actually hit. I figured everyone in Georgia was going crazy because of our famous Snowmageddon a few years back. It was just the perfect amount though, and I had to get out and play in my new snow boots. Mmk, let's be real: these aren't snow boots in the slightest but they're my current obsession. Shop them below! 

Combat boots by Zara

*Extra* Thankful

Happy Holidays, SWW fam! 

With Thanksgiving officially behind us, it's time to get ready for the holidays/New Year. I had the best Thanksgiving in Atlanta. I celebrated twice - once with Austin's family and then with mine - and it was SO relaxing and fun. I think I finished a whole bottle of wine on my own but it's a holiday for a reason. :)

My mother is queen of taking pictures (must be where I get it!) and she insisted we take our Christmas card photo while everyone was home. Being the most extra member of the family, I had to go big. Big as in the biggest fur coat in my closet. I'm definitely team faux fur but this mink was my late grandmother's and it's just too fab. I've linked to a nice faux mink option below!

Crop top by Kendall + Kylie (similar here)
Pants by Zara
Faux mink fur by Nordstrom

Holiday gift guide coming soon - stay tuned!